History of Johnny's West and Me.... (Part 2 :Where It Begins...)

I knew these boys from their junior days....

Akito and Junta, as BAD, the fun and happy duo....

Hamachan, from BOYS with Daichi, is the cool duo...

Shige, Kamichan, Ryusei and Nozomu, the 7West boys, the sexy group.....

As what I said in part 1, Akito was my first love in Kanju....

However, I was also very fond of Veteran's Maashi at that time....

I have always loved to see all of them on stages and dramas, even though some of the boys were quite bad actors....

During those time, Akito, Bunichi, Kamichan and Shige, were some of the boys with quite impressive acting skills, from my point of view....

Long story short, during 2011, I think I stopped closely following them as I'm a person who doesn't have the ability to follow more than a group in one time.....And I decided to put my priority on other group....Nevertheless, I was still watching their appearances in Shounen Club.....

In 2013, somehow I was completely disconnected with Kanju World....I didn't even know what were their new songs at that time....
I just knew bits and pieces of their works....Especially for those boys who worked together with my prioritized boys at that time....

When I knew they were going to debut with 4 members only, I was so upset that I didn't even wanna know about them anymore....
What made me feel so devastated? Hamachan was not in the list....Shige was being put in the center but Kamichan was left behind....Nozomu, who came from nowhere, had a place in the group but not Ryusei....

However, in 2018, I wasn't sure what makes me starting to watching those kanju stuffs again...(I guess I just missed Daichi so much)....
And I started to search for Johnny's West stuffs....The first album I listened to was Nawesto....

And I fall in love with 2 songs from the album, immediately...

1. Believer - this song is really my type

2. Yuki Ni Negai Ou - I didn't know who sang it as I didn't look at the discography

I started to search for their concert and I tried to watch Nawesto concert....GOSH! I fall in love with Yuki Ni's performance.....why?
I always loved seeing Hamachan with guitar....then this was the first time I really acknowledged Nozomu's voice....

When I searched about them further, I found photos of long-haired Nozomu....(I'm weak with long hair boy).....
So, What I can say was, long hair Nozomu and the Yuki Ni's performance were the beginning of me being a West's fan....

It took me 2 years to equally accept them all....Shige and Junta were my least favourite....but now, I can proudly say, I'm a RAINBOW jasmine....

Junta amazed me on how genius he is....I've read tweets about how he was able to give quite brilliant opinions in Seigi No Mikata show....

Shige, his composition of songs is not an idol-level....Norikoshi is definitely a sweet love story song....Machigachainai is way a higher level song....To You is too a good way....

Ryusei, I just thought that he was just another pretty face idol....until he volunteered as the WesTV producer.....It was the best and comprehensive concert ever.....

Kamichan, Akito and Hamachan, these boys never failed to mesmerized me in singing, dancing and acrobatics....but they never stop improving....

Now I can talk about any members...I can point out good things about any of them....

I don't only admire them....I respect them....

History of Johnny's West and Me.... (Part 1 : Introduction of Members, with my own words)

I've always have the intention to write something about how I met this group.....
Since this year will be the third year of me being a fan of Johnny's West, I really want to put our history here as a memory that I'm sure I will read this again in future....

Who are the member of Johnny's West?
(I will introduce them based on the rainbow colour, as how they always do)


This 28-year old boy, is the member that I really had a hard time to accept....
I refused myself to accept him, because of a personal reason...
But, his effort in improving himself, got me real hard....
I'm amazed by his songs....
Those songs are not like any idol can come out with...
They're more to an artist's work....
Currently, he improves his singing skills so much....
It makes me believe that, you can always upgrade yourself if you want to....


This man is my first love in Kansai Juniors....
Even though he was loud and annoying, I can't help falling in love with his voice....
His unique voice, which I think is one of a kind....
Even now, I'm still drowning in his beautiful voice....
There's not a thing that I dislike about him....
Maybe he can stop being so down to earth with his physical because I love him as he is....


The queen of the group...
He's so pretty that I can't watch him doing all the sexy thingy...
The mastermind of the group...
He's so creative...
I don't really like him during his BAD time as I think he tried so hard to be a typical idol (I hope I was wrong)....
But when he lead the group and sometimes not being selfish, that was the time when I think he was just being himself....
I can't think any other person who can withstand the 6 different people with so many attitudes...


This cute-never gets old- boy captured my heart from the very first time I knew him....
He was so cute with his sharp and furious look, even tho he was only in his teens age....
A boy with so many talents inside that small figure...And I believe he has alot more to show us in future....
I respect him the most when he put an effort to change himself for the sake of the group....
He's bad in sports but he's good in everything....


This man...this freaking handsome, gorgeous, pretty man....He's something.....
He was nothing....then he slowly showing what he made of....
He couldn't sing very well, until I thought that he will not be good at singing....
Gosh! He proved me wrong.....
He can act....and his acting is getting better over the time...
He tends to give us the 'I'm a handsome but tennen idol' look....

But NO! He is way more than that....


This person, is a chameleon....
He can adapt his voice with any genre of songs....
He's entertaining, in good or not so good ways....
The effort he puts in mastering the English is something that can be respected and followed...
There was a year where I was inspired by his motivation to upgrade himself....
He's not just a 'nadegata' person...He's a man with many skills....
I love to see him with his guitar the most.....


Even though he always act like an adult, but he'll forever be the baby of the group...
This baby captured my heart with his unstability of singing....
This baby, always mistaken as having a cute looks only....
But this baby has more to offer....
He's not perfect in everything but he never stops improving....

I'm gonna continue with how I met these people (as far as I remember) and how they made me a fan of them....

Johnny's West - Niji No Tabi (虹の旅) Lyrics

I'm backkk....
With another West's song's lyrics....

This time, it's a coupling song of Big Shot!! Single....


Kureyuku machi de hitori kiri

Ano hi no yume to tomoni

Sugi iku hibi no ashiato tadori

Bokura no tabi wa tsudsuite iku

Tamera utabi

Susumeru you ni

この歌にひとつ キズナを残す
Kono uta ni hitotsu  Kizuna wo nokosu

今日も 迷いながら歌い
Kyou mo  Mayoi nagara utai

また 生きる意味を探す
Mata  Ikiru imi wo sagasu

Donna ashita mo kaete ikeru kara

Ima dare no tame ni ikite

Kono hibi wo nani ni sasagu

Kotae wa koko ni aru

Bokura wa iku

Tabi wo shite iku

“Tachi tomari yasette ta?”

“Kakugo nante nakatta?”

Kowagarazu ni ikou

Yukkuri de ii

Sugi iku hibi ni inori wo takushi

Bokura wa mata aruki dasu

Tamera utabi

Susumeru you ni

Yume miteta mirai e no michishiru be

今日も 迷いながら歌い
Kyou mo  Mayoi nagara utai

また 生きる意味を探す
Mata  Ikiru imi wo sagasu

Donna ashita mo kaete ikeru kara

Ima dare no tame ni ikite

Kono hibi wo nani ni sasagu

Kotae wa koko ni aru

Bokura wa iku

今日も 迷いながら歌い
Kyou mo  Mayoi nagara utai

また 生きる意味を探す
Mata  Ikiru imi wo sagasu

Itsumo dokoka de negatte iru kara

Ima dare no tame ni ikite

Kono hibi wo nani ni sasagu

Kotae wa koko ni aru

Bokura wa iku

Niji no tabi wo

I really, really love how they sing this song....
Their voices are really beautiful...
It's a very simple song but it's full of emotion....
Let me know if you want to listen to it....and I strongly recommend that....

Johnny's West - Hakana (儚) Lyrics

Hisashiburi nee....

It took almost a year (that's totally exaggerated tho) for me to finally have something to update here....

Well, presenting the lyrics of the coupling song of Ame Nochi Hare singles, HAKANA.


風に舞ってどこまで        昇ってゆく想い
Kaze ni matte dokomademo                  Nobotte yuku omoi wo
Nagamete ita

悲しいほどに艶やか                   春色に打たれて
Kanashii hodo ni adeyaka na                  Haru-iro ni utarete wa
Zawameku you

消えてゆく温度に導かれ     うたかたの時に君を探
Kiete yuku ondo ni michibikarete            Utakata no toki ni kimi wo sagasu

二人は儚い花びらのよ       散りぬる春に美し
Futari wa hakanai hanabira no you         Chirinuru haru ni utsukushiku
Rinto saki odoru

手のひら佇む約束ひと               忘れかた 知らないまま
Tenohira tatazumu yakusoku hitotsu      Wasure kata shiranai mama ni
Toki wa sugiyuku

Matataku suki ni

ふわり くすぐる香り        芽吹く その訪れ
Fuwari kusuguru kaori ga                       Mebuku sono otozure wo

言葉になれないまま                   隠れていた想い
Kotoba ni narenai mama ni                    Kakurete ita omoi ga
Uzuite iru

Akeru yoru no shijima ni machikogareta
Karisome no toki ni kimi wo sagasu

二人は眩ゆい木漏れ日のよう   たゆたう春に美し
Futari wa mabayui komorebi no you ni    Tayutau haru ni utsukushiku
Rinto tachinoboru

Tenohira tatazumu nukumori hitotsu
忘れかた 知らないまま
Wasure kata shiranai mama ni
Toki wa sugiyuku

幾千 夜を越えて                       僕らまた惹かれ合うだろ
Ikusen yoru wo koete mo                       Bokura mata hikareau darou

紡がれる二人の想い        ただ永遠(とわ)に続いてい
Tsumugareru futari no omoi wa              Tada towa ni tsuzuite iku

Futari wa hakanai hanabira no you
Chirinuru haru wa utsukushiku

二人は儚い花びらのよ       たゆたう春に美し
Futari wa hakanai hanabira no you         Tayutau haru ni utsukushiku
Rinto saki odoru

手のひら佇む約束ひと               忘れかた 知らないまま
Tenohira tatazumu yakusoku hitotsu      Wasure kata shiranai mama ni
Toki wa sugiyuku

Matataku suki ni

Author's Notes:
1. It is a really totally different song of Johnny's West. I fall in love with the song at the very first time I listened to it.
2. Their singing capability is improving, all 7 of them.
3. I'm really amazed by Nozomu's single parts.

Do listen to it. Please let me know if you want the mp3 file.

It's all about Gen....

The movie, Principal : 恋する私はヒロインですか? was released on 3rd March 2018 and the DVD was released on 3rd October 2018.


The story revolved around a girl named Sumimoto Shima who moved from Tokyo to Sapporo because she didn't get along well with his third stepfather. She decided to stay with her father who she hadn't meet for years.
As she entered the new school, she encountered with a boy with a not-so-good attitude, Gen, a sweet cheerful girl, Haruka and a soft-polite boy, Wao.
Gen and Wao were inseparable childhood friends, despite the different personalities that they had.
It was a movie of teenage love and friendship, and a bit of family ties.


Kuroshima Yuina as Sumimoto Shima
Kotaki Nozomu as Tatebayashi Gen
Takasugi Mahiro as Sakurai Wao

My opinion on the movie:

1. I just love the it when it was snowing or during the summer time. it gives me a cool yet warm feeling of the whole movie.
2. The story flow was quite rush but it was not too rush. In about 2 hours, you can get few stories about each of the characters. I do enjoy the flow but it would've been good if the flow was a bit slow.
3. The scenes were nice...There were less romantic scenes....
4. The interaction between the characters were good too....I just love any movies with no outstanding villains in this movie, Haruka might be a bit dark at the beginning but she changed and became a good friend to Shima....
5. Overall casts were doing their good job. Gen was so normal...too normal that he'll make your heart skips....Wao is so sweet but not overly sweet...Shima was just an ordinary cute girl....Haruka was sweet too...and cute....

My opinion on Nozomu as Gen:

I watched the movie before I read the manga. So, my opinion is based on Gen's character in the movie. Obviously, the manga's Gen was a lot better. I'm not a good judge when it comes to acting. I just like the character if it fits the movie of it fits my preferences. What I really love about Gen is how he was a normal guy. Even though he should be like a prince-like person (like most of the manga heroes should be), Gen was different. The aura of a prince was not there. Why do I say he was normal? Because he reacted to things just like how a guy would do. He smiled, he laughed, he had clueless moments and he did get angry.
And the timing for him to realize that he loved Shima too was so late. You can only see his feelings towards Shima at the very end of the movie.
His love for Wao was so strong. I just like how Gen treated Wao as his younger brother. I can't describe well but they really potrayed the friendship well.
And how he properly apologized to Haruka about him being dishonest was a good thing to do.
For me, Gen is special. His voice was really nice to your ears.

My favourite scenes were:

1. In this scene, his mother talked something bad about Wao and that made him so angry. I just love how he shouted at his mom with those teary eyes.

2. This scene happened when he realized that his love was not meant for Haruka.

3. This is a super short shot but I like how he put the jacket on Wao.

4. I just love him in the sweater.

5. The most handsome Gen.

Is it recommendable? I do recommend it if you are looking for a simple not so heavy movie.

Honest claim : Gen is surely one of my very few favourites movie character.

Note : There are so many things that I love about Gen but I can't put them in words.


アカツキ (Red Moon)

赤い光 月の明り 
不思議な空 まわる宇宙
恋におちる その笑顔の奥のほう
僕の瞳 映る姿 
嘘と理想 揺れる世界
甘い言葉 孤独な夢 
Red light, Moon rays
Mysterious sky, Revolving universe
Beautiful voice,
The depth of your smile that I’ve fallen for
The figure that’s projected in my eyes
Lies and ideals that have shaken the world
Sweet words, Lonely dreams
Jealousy that’s cladded with sorrow

心を開いて ありのままを見せたら
If I open my heart and show you who I really am
Will you be willing to accept all of it?

大好きだよ なのに張り裂けそうに切ない
抱きしめたら 壊れそうなレプリカ
未完成な 僕らのまま愛し合えるように
教室の窓 静かに照らしたアカツキ
I love you so much but it’s so overwhelming to the point I’m about to burst
The replica that could break in my embrace
So that we could love each other as we are; our incomplete selves
The red moon quietly illuminates through the classroom window

赤い神話 月と太陽 
無限のリバース 幼い記憶
流す涙 隠すルール 
Red myth, Moon and sun
Infinite reverse, Childhood memories
Shedded tears, Hidden rules
I wished for someone to violate them

人は見かけより 心に傷があるよ
ら て 
Everyone has wounds in their hearts; even more than what they show
Because we are weak, we pretended to be tough to protect ourselves

大好きだよ なのに素直になるのが怖くて
抱きしめても すり抜けるホログラム
未完成な 僕らのまま許し合えるように
すれ違う廊下 想いを伝えるアカツキ
I love you so much but I’m so afraid to show it
The hologram that slips through, even in my embrace
So that we could accept each other; our incomplete selves
The red mood conveys our feelings through the corridor where we pass by each other

What should I do...

The desire to be loved and to love
Is never ending, only the form changes; little by little

大好きだよ だから張り裂けそうに切ない
抱きしめたら 壊れそうなレプリカ
未完成な 僕らのまま笑い合える時に
教室のドア もう一度開けるアカツキ
I love you so much and that’s why it’s so overwhelming to the point I’m about to burst
The replica that could break in my embrace
When we could smile together just as we are; our incomplete selves
The red moon opens the classroom door, once again

This song is an OST for the Netflix drama, Switched featuring Shigeoka Daiki and Kamiyama Tomohiro of Johnny's West.
Hasil carian imej untuk アカツキ johnny's west

About the PV:

1. The setup - Gosh...the setup is just so....akai.... You might think that the background was a CG effect. But actually, it was a video shot earlier. I don't think they use any CGI in this PV. Even the replica (I'm not sure what the white thingy called) was real.
2. The outfits - Woah....They were all look good in red....they were all look good in black too.... Especially Nozomu (Yes, I'm not bias but this guy was really outstanding in both outfits). The design was so simple but still very stylish.
3. The flow - OMG.... it was so relaxing yet you can totally sense the tense feeling of loving someone so much but you can't / don't know how to express it.... These guys were doing great in potraying those tenseness in their own different way... (Well, Shige did give a bit of happy feeling tho...thanks)
4. The singing / lyrics (yes, not only in the PV) - I just love the lyrics so can this song can be so beautiful, soothing yet pressurize you? If you watched the drama, you can totally relate the lyrics with the feeling of both boys.... and the singing, the most intelligent thing about this song is how the singing order is 'switched' between the first verse and the second one....

In conclusion, I do highly recommend this PV to all....and please listen / read / appreciate the lyrics as you watch the PV.
Honestly, this is one of my favourite PVs of all time. seriously.

Good job, Johnny's West.