Daremo Tometakunai...

aitsu wa....atarashi sekai no kagi...


Yes... This overgrown boy...

He came into my life just when I felt disappointed with that someone's group...

Kotaki nozomu, or known as NON-CHAN, NONSUKE or just KOTAKI-KUN...

I started to love him just because of this duet with Hama-chan...

When I know nothing about him, I just fell in love after watching that performance...
I will always grateful to Hamachan forever...

From there, I gradually began to love him more and more...
And I did not like this...

What do I love about him?

To be continued...

It was officially announced that the Red member of Kanjani8 will leave the group...

I read this rumour two days ago and couldn't stop hoping that it is not true...

Shibutani Subaru... What can I say about him?
He's the one that make me open my eyes for Eito...
He's not handsome, not attractive, not charming, not sparkling and definitely not my type...
But.... To listen to his powerful, energetic and unique voice makes me feel 'genki'...
To see him fooling around on stage makes me laugh so hard...
To see hia interaction and love with the members makes me feel appreciated...
Subaru... He's one and only in Johnny's...
He has no idol-like characteristics at all...
But... You can feel his strong passion towards music just from his voice...

It's really hard for me to accept Eito without Subaru...
But... Who knows how many years he suffered inside when he has always wanted to do what he likes...

Please go chase your dream, Subaru...
And please come back to the industry...
With something that you really love...
Thank you to the members who understand him more than anyone else...
I'm sure he will never forget his comrades...

I hope that when you leave Johnny's, you can have your own twitter account so I can still following you...

Sad... But I'm grateful for him...

Drama Review : [KDrama] Hwarang...
Like a FIRE!!!

I'm not a Korean Drama fan but this series got me attached...
It was not a good drama i must say, but it was good enough for me...
I should have written this months ago...

Synopsis: (from Wikipedia)
Jiso has ruled the Kingdom of Silla as regent since King Beopheung passed away, keeping her young son Sammaekjong hidden outside of the capital Seorabeol and safe from enemies and assassins. As Sammaekjong comes of age, nobles, citizens, officials and Sammaekjong himself have all grown impatient for her to cede power. However the powerful nobles that tried to usurp power in the Kingdom continue to eye the throne and Ji-so fears the consequences of her ceding it.

In order to break the power of the nobles, who have grown accustomed to their privileges under the bone rank system, Jiso plans to create a new elite, the Hwarang, that will cut across the existing power factions, and to bind them to Sammaekjong and the throne. As this new elite of male youths bond and grow


Park Seo-joon as Moo-myung / Kim Sun-woo / Kim Isabu / Dog-Bird

A young man of low birth who rises above his situation in life to become a legendary hwarang warrior. He assumes the identity of his best friend Kim Sun-woo, Ah-ro's biological brother, after he is killed by one of the Queen Dowager's men. It is revealed that he is the son of Prince Hwi-kyung, making him King Jinheung's cousin.

Go Ara as Kim Ah-ro

A "half-breed" (derogative term for aristocrat (jin-gol)—lower class offspring) with a cheerful and straightforward personality, whose father is of jin-gol birth while her mother a servant. She works multiple part-time jobs to support her family; in particular as physician to the Hwarang. She easily make friends. Later she fell in love with Sun-wu.

Park Hyung-sik as Sammaekjong / Kim Ji-dwi / King Jinheun

A young and distrustful king who goes into hiding due to assassination attempts and secretly becomes a hwarang warrior, gaining strength and leadership ability in the process. He joins the hwarang under the assumed identity Kim "Ji-dwi" as the Hwarang Chief Kim Wi-hwa's fake "nephew."

Choi Min-ho as Kim Soo-ho

A jin-gol aristocrat born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Hot-blooded and chivalrous, he aces in swordplay and is seen as a shameless playboy but is devoted in love. Kim Soo-yeon's over- protective brother.

Do Ji-han as Park Ban-ryu

Having been taught politics (by his two fathers - Park Youngshil and Park Ho as his adoptive and biological fathers respectively) from an early age, he is a cold-blooded jin-gol, who is competitive and seeks for more power. He takes interest in Soo-ho's younger sister, Soo-yeon.

Jo Yoon-woo as Kim Yeo-wool

A man who “has a gender-neutral charm and loves dressing up more than most women,” but is also extremely thoughtful and caring. Hence, beautiful and mysterious, he possesses a sharp tongue. His mother is the sister of the previous king while his jin-gol father's identity still remains as a mystery, which makes him a half seong-gol, but he takes no interest in the throne

Kim Tae-hyung as Rang Han-sung

The youngest hwarang of the lot who has a warm personality and gets along well with everyone. He is a bright and innocent boy who carries a heavy burden as the last jin-gol of his clan, Wolseong. Dan-sae's younger half brother. He treats Sun-woo as his brother. Later he died protecting Sun-woo from his brother, Dan-sae.

(All photos credit to Hwarang FB)

My point of view:


Sun Woo/Mookmyung - I think PSJ had done a very good job potraying this character. he was so cool...and cold...and so handsome...I like how he was so fearless that he can even challenge Prince Chang just to protect his loved one...and the other side of him being all dorky and so brotherly...the moments of him with the real Sun Woo were the best scenes of the whole series...and also the scene where he came into the castle pretending to claim the throne was so epic...I love to have that kind of General if i had a troop of army...

Jidwi/SamMaekJoong - A very flawlessly beautfiul young king...i thought he was so pretty...too pretty for a man...and i did have an issue to accept his acting at first...But i can say he did quite a good job as well...but he had to be more intensed especially the moment he knew that Sun Woo's intention to kill him (the king)...i think he needed to be more disappointed knowing that the only friend that he had and loved, will kill him if he was esposed as the king...

Aro - i think this series is all about her...everything happened was because of her...and i did feel annoyed because of that...she's pretty but the character was too cliche..the only thing that i like about her is how she was so firm with her feelings towards Sun Woo...

Soo Ho - This is my favourite character... and i don't even know why... maybe because Soo Ho was so free and did not care about the throne and the king...and becuase he was the best swordsman in Silla...sadly, that was not being showed at all...this character need no extraordinary acting skills but Minho looked damn hot in that kind of long hair with curly bangs...

Ban Ryu - i do feel pity for Ban Ryu because he was trapped between his loyalty to his father and his friendship (although it was not being showed at all) and also his feelings towards Soo Ho's sister...I think Ban Ryu is thee most tame character in Hwarang...and the most naive i must say...maybe so pure...

Hansung - This is the character that needs to be there to cheer up the whole series...Hansung was so cute...and that was all about him...

Yeo Wool - He was so mysterious and sadly, his history was not in the series at all....

It was such a shame that this series storyline was not that good...too much unnecessary scenes between Aro n Sun Woo, Aro n JiDwi, Queen n Master Ahn Ji....too many love scenes...and it did not show how those young people were developed to be a group of strong guys in the Hwarang itself...and their friendship almost has no impact...nothing showed on how Sun Woo-Ji Dwi and Soo Ho-Ban Ryu relationships became stronger n stronger...and how the Hwarangs began to put their trusts on Sun Woo...and how Sun Woo was so determined to serve and aceept Ji Dwi as the king...It should have been a good series as all the characters were doing good as the Hwarangs...

So, i would like to know your opinion, for those who have watched this series....

Like a FIRE!!!
It was like, decades since i wrote something in this page...
I wanted to...and always want to update lots of things here but there were always something that made me failed to do so...

Ok...I've watched the concert once...and re-watched the same songs over and over again...What were those songs?
1 - I Scream : I fall in love with this song from the first time i heard it..it gives me motivational mood..

2 - You're Liar : I didn't like this song at fisrt...but i just couldn't resist how sexy Taisuke's voice tone and seeing him being 'wrapped' in the all-black suits...so hot!

3 - &say : A very simple reason...it's FujiKita....and yes, some of the dance moves are so sexy...but i couldn't stop pitying Mitsu under the huge head-thingy...

4 - I Scream Night : Just bcoz i love the Kisumai Jet idea and Mitsu was so energetic..

Watching the Movie made me re-watch the whole series...well, the reason at first was because of Fujigaya...but thanks to his existance in the drama that i became attached to it...it was seriously a great drama that i will surely recommend other to watch...my favourite character would be Tsune-chan...Mukai was so cute yet so manly...It such a shame that Tsune-chan and Toshiie did not appear that much in the movie...

Anybody watched it, please share your opinion and what you like about the drama....

Another Fujigaya drama...and a movie...Honestly, i didn't expect much about this as it was just a normal teenage couple drama...But, Kashino-kun was so handsome...I just hoped they can show more of the wild Kashino than the gentle one...

Please share with me what do you think about all the above....

Really miss u guys....

[Random] Choose which one is your.....from all Kis My Ft2 Singles
I was a little bored today so I decided to bring my LJ back alive....

Now, here's the Singles Collection of Kis My Ft2 and I will share which one is my favourite / least favourite......

01 Everybody Go

02 We Never Give Up

3 - SHE! HER! HER!
03 She Her Her

04 Wanna Beee

05 Shake It Up

06 07 Ai No Beat

08 My Resistance

09 Unmei Girl

10 Kiss Your Mind

10 - S.O.S
11 S.O.S

12 Kimi To No Kiseki

13 Snow Dome No Yakusoku

14 Luv Sick

15 Hikaru No Signal

Now, to the questions:

1. My favourite cover - We Never Give Up

2. My least favourite cover - Kiss Your Mind (I don't like head-only shots)

3. My favourite title - Snow Dome No Yakusoku

4. My least favourite title - She! Her! Her!

5. My favourite PV - My Resistance

6 - My least favourite PV - Kimi To No Kiseki

7 - My favourite lyric (with the meaning) - My Resistance & We Never Give Up (I can't choose between these two)

8 - My least favourite lyric - too many but the most is Ai No Beat

9 - Single I listen most - My Resistance

10 - Single I listen least - Everybody Go

11 - My favourite 'start of the song' - Luv Sick

12 - My least favourite 'start of the song' - Hikaru No Signal

13 - My favourite chorus - My Resistance

14 - My least favourite chorus - Kiss Your Mind

15 - My favourite dance move in a PV - Unmei Girl

16 - My least favourite dance move in a PV - Kimi To No Kiseki

17 - My favourite outfit in a PV - My Resistance

18 - My least favourite outfit in a PV - Hikaru No Signal, Kimi To No Kiseki, Luv Sick

19 - My favourite Taipi solo part in a song - Snow Dome No Yakusoku

20 - My least favourite Taipi solo part in a song - Everybody Go


So, what about you?

Lyric (Tanagokoro)

真心 気心や下心


誰かを傷つけたり 笑顔を奪う為に

温もり 優しさや 時に冷たさも知る

それでも 無限の可能性を

だけど僕らその手を いつも繋いで

敵なら いつだってさ そうだよ
奥深くえぐらずとも 常にすぐ傍に

誰かを傷つけたり 幸せを奪う為に

だけど僕らその手を いつも繋いで

Credit : athenarei


Sincerity, temper and ulterior motives, we'll use them cleverly
We intend to behave well and our hearts won't tell lies
Our unseen fate and past is engraved in the creases of our palms

Hurting someone to take away that smile
We aren't blessed with these hands, but one day we'll protect our precious person

Rather than seeing or hearing something, feeling it with your own hands
Knowing warmth and kindness but coldness at times, it's cruel
But still there are endless possibilities concealed in the creases of our palms

Sometimes you're hurt and there are days you'll forget to smile
But we'll link hands and live while changing it into strength

If there are enemies, that's right, it lurks in your own heart
Even if it's not deeply gouged, I'm always very close

Hurting someone to take away the happiness
We aren't blessed with these hands, but one day our drawn future...

Sometimes you're hurt and there are days you'll forget to smile
But we'll link hands and live while changing it into strength


My words
1 - About the song : It's really soothing....I get quite emotional when listening to it at first, without understanding the words...
2 - About the voices : As expected (by me) Taisuke's and Mitsu's voices really suit this kind of song....how they arrange their parts is just amazing....can't wait to watch they perform this live...i mean, really LIVE....
3 - About the PV : the monotone coloured PV is really eye-relaxing....it's calm and peace.....
4 - About the lyrics : how to use your palms and what the palms can do.....piercing my heart.....I'm totally right by liking this song very much....

7 go, only 6 return.
cheek to cheek
It’s been a while since I wrote a review about dramas / movies.
This time, I won’t do any Japanese-related post.
Few days ago, I went to cinema to watch ‘Saving General Yang’. Yes, a Chinese movie.
It was last year the last time I watch movie in cinema.

‘Saving General Yang’ is basically an epic historical movie during Song Dynasty.
I don’t know much about this dynasty-thing so can’t elaborate more on that.

Saving General Yang is based on the legendary Generals of the Yang Family. An epic tale about the renowned Song Dynasty's military defense headed by the clan of Yang against the nomadic Northern nation the Liao, sometimes also known as the Khitans in accounts of ancient Chinese history. Head of the Yang clan is the charismatic old veteran general, Yang Ye, who is also the father of seven sons, namely Ping, Ding, Ang, Hui, De, Zhao and Si. The seven young men possess different temperaments and characters, but they have to join forces and wits when their father is taken by enemy forces.


Adam Cheng as Yang Father (age 66, Hong Kong)

Ekin Cheng as Yang 1st Brother (age 46, Hong Kong)
SGY moden 01

Yu Bo as Yang 2nd Brother (Mainland)
SGY moden 02

Vic Chou as Yang 3rd Brother (Taiwan)
SGY moden 03

Li Chen as Yang 4th Brother (Mainland)
SGY moden 04

Lam Fung as Yang 5th Brother (Hong Kong)
SGY moden 05

Wu Chun as Yang 6th Brother (Taiwan)
SGY moden 06

Fu Xinbo as Yang 7th Brother (Mainland)
SGY moden 07

Though some reviews said that it was quite lame, I found it very interesting, for certain reasons:
1 – The scenery is so beautiful and wonderful.
2 – The fighting scenes, as reported that 60% of it was on-horse war, are so thrilling and full of excitement.
3 – The choices of casts. I don’t really know Yu Bo, Li Chen and Fu Xinbo (these are mainland casts) but putting Cheng Yee Kin as the eldest was the perfect choice, Vic Chou as the archery-expert (he was called as Taiwanese Legolas, and he quite fit that) is just nice, Lam Fung as the medical expert is great, Wu Chun as the ‘supposed to be the star’ of the film (as reviews said the 6th brother is the most well – known of all) is acceptable.
4 – Cheng Siu Chun as the father is not something to be argued at. I have always liked his voice and the way he speaks.
5 – The way how the mother misinterpreted the monk’s message that lead to the whole storyline.
6 – I miss EKIN very much. And I really, I repeat, really like EKIN as an epic hero, as an eldest brother and as a cool fighter.

I can give as many stars as I want to this movie.

A/N: How I miss seeing my Ekin in sword-fighting.
A/N 2 : I hope I type the names correctly.

Fujigaya's new solo song from Good! Ikuoze album....
There's so many things I wanna write about this album (like how I like Sanagi much much more than Give Me..., or why Give Me is some sort of similar to Love Meee....I mean the title, or how I don't really like those k-pop style songs)

But, this:

What should I say about this, except:
1 - I don't really like the song but there are some parts that I enjoy listening to, like the chorus
2 - I really can't stand this repeating kind of lyrics....
3 - Will someone tell this guy not to sing any English words again because it sounds so weird.....and ugly....
4 - Despite the quality of the song is not at my expectation, I must say that Fujigaya knows how to stick to one image....but please, this kind of song will ruin your singing talent....

A/N: I can totally imagine how the performance will look like, and I'm not gonna like it....

Kisumai 2013 - 2014 Calendar --> My Favourite Photos.....
The calendar is out....
I didn't buy it for certain reasons but I found some shots that I like....

2013 Calendar 01
LOL at Mitsu's shoes.....XDD

2013 Calendar 02
It's been a while since I saw these two in the same picture frame....the elder two...

2013 Calendar 03
Nika....being teased by the two buddies....

2013 Calendar 04
Happy Mitsu....

2013 Calendar 05
I like Watta's hair in this pic....

2013 Calendar 06
My OTP......

2013 Calendar 07
Seems like Mitsu won over Taisuke in soccer game....even on the table....XD

2013 Calendar 08
Youngest vs Oldest.....by age only.....

2013 Calendar 09

2013 Calendar 10
This pose makes him looks really tiny....

2013 Calendar 11
This picture is just....soothing....

2013 Calendar 12 (my month)
Shocking Pink on Fierce Mitsu....(this pic is for my Month)
2013 Calendar 13 (my month)
Doesn't he look quite younger in this pic? (This is for my Month too)
2013 Calendar 14
A good way to show how tiny Mitsu is.....
2013 Calendar 15
The first pic that I saw from the calendar....and I like it....especially the rainbow bangles(?) at his hand

2013 Calendar 16
'Used to be' Kyoudai.....
2013 Calendar 17
They look really.....professional? Calm? Cool?

Best Kis My Ft2 Single (so far)

My Resistance  ~タシカナモノ~

The distance between you and me
The resistance through time
A story I've been listening since I was a child
It is still in my heart, always by myself
The sad thing is not the answer
I want to feel with my heart the things that can't be seen
Don't you forget, the strength and courage you always gave to me
Please remember, let's live in the day with time
I can through it with you We can, we’ll go!
I will go with this world, I'll change my soul, yes
Ah, in the overlapped distance, so passionately!
I can't lose, I don't want to lose, so I chase my dream, yes
Ah, the resistance through time, I won't (don't cry) give up
If the values of life that I haven't know
Were taught by fear of loneliness and loneliness itself
With a courage called curiosity
I want to catch the meaning right here by this hands
Don't you forget, the love and the light of climbing road in the east
Please remember, the distance future that goes to the west
I can through it with you We can, We’ll go!!
I will go with this world, I'll change my soul, yes
Ah, in the overlapped distance, so passionately!
I can't lose, I don't want to lose, so I chase my dream, yes
Ah, the resistance through time, I won't (don't cry) give up
The tiny me will go through this, I'll show you, I can!
In this world (Don't mind) I will fight it (No way)
The definite things (That’s right) I will find it (Yeah!! Come on)
Oh Oh Oh Oh Yeah We gotta
Oh Oh Oh Oh Don’t you give up
Oh Oh Oh Oh I say,
We gotta We gotta Oh YES YES
This fate began to move
Run through, change my soul, yes
Ah, we step toward the future, passionately
Far away to the unseen land
with you, chase my dream, yes
So, without fear to the destination, strongly
I will go with this world, I'll change my soul, yes
Ah, in the overlapped distance, so passionately
I can't lose, I don't want to lose, so I chase my dream, yes
Ah, the resistance through time, I won't (don't cry) give up
The tiny me will go through this, I'll show you, I can!
In this world (Don't mind) I will fight it (No way)
The definite things (That’s right) I will find it (Yeah!! Come on)
Oh Oh Oh Oh Yeah We gotta
Oh Oh Oh Oh Don’t you give up
Oh Oh Oh Oh I say,
We gotta We gotta Oh YES YES
Holding hand with you, the phrase of love will play
We will always find the definite things

I didn't like the song when I listened to it for the first time but became to like it after I watched the preview of the PV.
The melody is great and touching, the words are amazing and motivating, the voices (especially those two) are just beautiful and flawless.
Hopefully, they will the chance to release this kind of singles in future.

having fun togetherhaving fun together 2

What is so good about him that kids look at?
Yahoo! Kids did a poll for '2012 The Vote Ranking' and surprisingly, Taisuke's name is listed!

He's at No 2 for 'Favourite Male Celebrities' voted by Female Kids.

And Beginners listed at No. 2 and No. 3 for 'Favourite Drama' voted by Male and Female Kids respectively.


Can someone really tell me why Taisuke is loved by Female kids because I don't see him as a kid-lover thought he mentioned it thousands times...
Kids nowadays are different.....
(I wouldn't have choose him if I were a kid....sorry Taisuke)

But Beginners in the list is quite understandable because the drama is just full of crack....XDD



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